Automated Machine Learning for Business Users

mltrons aims to make building machine learning
applications as frictionless as possible.

Automated Machine Learning Platform

You want to drive value with AI and you want to do it fast: mltrons speeds your success with AI and machine learning.
mltrons helps you solve difficult problems, achieve more with less, make informed data-backed decisions, and harness the power of AI around your operations.

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Easy to Learn & Use

We've made it simple because we've felt your pain. Getting started is as easy as collecting data, uploading it, and getting predictions. We've also made integration with existing legacy frictionless through our API.

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We provide you with easy access to dozens of novel algorithms. Our platform automatically selects the best model for your data to give you the best results.

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Focus more on Analysis

mltrons platform automatically goes through tons of combinations of algorithms, data transformation steps, features selection, and tuning paramaters for the perfect machine learning algorithm sutiable entirely for your dataset and predicting variable. Now spend more time on analysis and make better informed decisions.

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Already have an existing system?

Don't worry, we've got you covered!

Even if you have an existing system in place and switching cost is very high, you can use our API to integrate with your current system with a few lines of code and improve your decision making without worrying about the cost and time

When we say simple,
we mean it.

We've created a standardized process that anyone follow: With five basic steps, you will be able to run advanced alogorithms without any coding expertise and get the results you need.

How it works

With very basic steps, create your own predictive model in minutes.



Our web application and API give you easy access to automated, scalable model building and deployment without any knowledge of data science or coding. Now solve complicated problems without relying on any technical and coding expertise.

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Predictions & Forecasting

Whether it is to predict customer retention rate, forecast future sales, or default rate, you can predict anything with mltrons. No matter you're a demand planner in a fashion company or a stock broker at Wall Street, get accurate results and make better decisions.

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AI-based Recommendation Systems

Provide your customers with more accurate and personalized offering based on their needs and implicit intents. This is the fastest way to give your business a boost and build a strong connection with the customer.

Why Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence simplifies workflows, leads to more exact forecasts, and creates new business models based on data

High Accuracy

Advanced machine learning & deep learning algorithms perform better than traditional techniques which gives you more accurate results and more trustworthy insights.

Boost Efficiency

Due to automation of repetitive tasks and more focus on analysis, you're focusing on the more important things and getting more done.

In-depth Analysis

Our multi-layered algorithms detect hidden patterns that are impossible for a human to identify. Moreover, the more data you can feed them, the more accurate the become.

Increase competitiveness

It accelerates decisions and increases the company’s ability to adjust to market changes thanks to real-time information and predictions well beyond human ability.

Why choose mltrons?

We are a company of techies and non-techies, who are working together towards a better world: a world where everyone, no matter the role, can easily use advanced technology for better decision making. After all, life improves with good decisions!
Our Values

We believe that freedom and responsibility go hand-in-hand. We are motivated and passionate about bringing technology and humanity together: we do what must be done without waiting. After all, we are fueled by passion, courage and curiosity.

We are best at everything we do and we always deliver work of the highest quality. We are constantly improving ourselves, our product, and people around us.

Our purpose is to enable people to make better decisions: decisions with overall positive results for all the stakeholders involved.

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